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Originally Posted by wookness View Post
Whot's hard to get past is why no one has come forward to save the mudbugs from being drowned by Imelda.. and then I wonder if the name itself wasn't some kinda shoe-in perpetrated by weather weasels, but I prolly should skirt that issue at a respectable length & go back to wondering if the taste of mud bugs changes significantly if they were drowned in a fresh water drench vs. an old ™Speed Queen wash tub filled w/crab boil, broken ears of corn, taters, unyawns & stirred w/a paddle that prolly was used prior, to get a gator's attention or keep a moccasin out of the pirogue.

As GF so astutely mentioned prior; no tellin' where some folks' taste comes from.
Originally Posted by Sophia View Post
Never seen one of those. The La Rosa's sign in the background puts it in my area of the country, I think.
Originally Posted by Brent View Post
I just had to share the great news on my brother Kent's latest PET scan for his stage 4 lymphoma cancer.

KENT: "Good news! Everything gone except tonsils, and doc thinks that may just be benign inflammation. I'm getting the 1st of 4 Rituxan treatments today. ENT will check tonsils."

Most excellent news!
Originally Posted by dlong View Post
Beautiful day. 75, dry and sunny. Blew out of work early. Cut the lawn and now watering. No rain for over a week and none forecast. Nice weekend ahead.
Another 2 weeks and Florida bound. Need a break.
Who plays hooky to mow grass.

All, have you ever used propanolol?
I read RFC on a 34" monitor. If people don't use paragraph breaks it gets real hard to read their posts.