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My experience...

I bought the TX22 without really looking it over at the shop. Turns out mine had out of control chatter marks in the bore as well. Shot it maybe 350-400 rounds and yes, it cycles with everything in the .22m lr. power spectrum. Obviously accuracy wasn't all that great (actually, spectacular considering the condition of the bore!) so I contacted Taurus to see about getting it in.

The lady at Customer Service was very polite and to the point and within a few minutes had a shipping label in my email. Get this - I sent it in on a Tuesday and got it back the next week Thursday - 9 days including the day I shipped it. Needles to say I was quite pleased. And the best part is the replacement barrel had uninterrupted lands and grooves!

It shoots better now for sure as one might imagine. In the area of 2 3/4" groups at 25 yards with Mini Mag 40 gr. About 600 rounds fired now - 100% functioning.
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