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Not so sure about the 35M

I have a baikal 35 M and have been shooting it competitivly for quite some time,
except for when it wasn't working.
These pistols do have a history of doubling and tripling and from what I understand,
the head space is tight which conforms with russian steel cased ammo.
I had to send mine back to EAA for free gunsmithing
but I understand that EAA is not performing that any more.
If you are having doubling problems let me know
and I can tell you what EAA did and maybe do a drawing.
I have also heard that the doubling is coming from the extractor dragging
on the breach of the barrell and drawing a burr.
I have also had reports that the slide and extractor will fail, throwing parts to the hinterland.
before you purchase check the parts availibility for the slide, extractor,
and retaining springs and pins from either EAA or Walther.
When the darn thing works, its one of the most awsome pistols available at any price.
Since mine has been working good for the past three years, I will keep it until it malfunctions.
when it does fail, I will probably not repair it but replace it with another bullseye pistol.

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