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Originally Posted by timberbeast View Post
Folks, if you have similar information on adjusting the CZ/BRNO rimfire iron sights, post them here.
the Brno Std Match peep sight and the bbl mounted Micro sight from the Model 3 and 4 that come with the Models 3 and 4 and the sights Denny sold with adapters to mount on the CZ 452 rifles are all 1/5th MOA clix,,probably some kind of metric adjustments but from lots of testing they work out to 1/5th MOA..

5 clix to adjust 1" at 100 yards
10 clix to adjust 1" at 50 yards
20 clix to adjust 1" at 25 yards

I cant tell enough difference in adjustments with the sights mounted on the 25" Trainer bbl or the 28 inch Ultra Lux of #4 bbl to make a difference,,much shorter than 25" barrels and it would probably change to 1/4 MOA clix,,

if you meant the sights like on a Model 2 or a 452 Trainer they work out close like the 455s in the OP,,but would test fire ever individual rifle with whatever ammo being used,,

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