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I would hate to be limited to one or the other. I know I shoot my M2 a lot more than my HMR, for one reason I spend most of my time outdoors in heavily wooded areas and 100 yd. shot is about the max. you can expect. I also do a lot of squirrel hunting and the M2 is perfect while the HMR is just too destructive. Ammo cost is another reason the M2 gets shot more.

I think each has it's place, but it would be easier to replace the HMR with a .22 Hornet or a .17 cal. centerfire and if you handload ammo cost would probably be cheaper. I do handload, but I'm lazy, so I'll probably keep both, my M2 for hunting and plinking, and my HMR when I need a little more range or for larger varmints.
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