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Originally Posted by tbates66 View Post
When I started shooting dogs about 12-15 years ago, I had access to 5 or 6 different ranches and open invites to shoot as much as possible. My brother and I started with one .204 each, a couple of .22s, and my bro had a .223 and a 22-250. Over the first 5 years we expanded to about 5 rifles each and 1,000s of rounds of ammo, mostly reloads. We actually ran out of .204 ammo on one shoot and believe it or not I almost ran out of 17HMR ammo this last hunt. You would think I would learn.
Now, almost all of the ranches have poisoned all the dogs and only one ranch remains active because it's so big that poisoning the whole thing would cost a fortune. I, too, used to tell my brother how lucky we were to have such unfettered access and that we should go often. We did and had many crazy good times. Now I'm introducing my young friend to the fun. My brother is 83, not doing well, and can't hunt any more. I'm 73 and healthy, so I'll keep going. I agree with DRob, go if so inclined, don't wait, get going. I can't count the number of fellow hunters who say, "I would love to go, always wanted to, but".......and a list of reasons follows.
well, I'm one of those guys that has always wanted to go, but never was able to because of thousands of excuses I guess! now at 62, I made a promise to myself this coming year I'm going somewhere to shoot them....maybe with somw help from my rimfire friends here I can find a place to shoot within a 12 hour drive....
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