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Marlin 80/80DL Owners Manual?

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I have a J.C. Higgins Model 42 DL which I understand is a re-badged Marlin 80 DL for Sears. This was my first rifle back in the late 50s/early 60s and then my brother's after I enlisted in the USAF in '68. My brother passed away in January 2014 and our mother last month. In the closet of our old room at my mother's house, I found our old rifle.

I brought it home and am getting ready to clean it, but other than removing the bolt assembly and magazine, I don't know if it is possible to easily disassemble the bolt for cleaning. I've looked for owners manuals and found a partial one for a J.C. Higgins 42 DL, but even though it references a "Disassembly" section, there isn't one in the PDF. I've searched stevespages.com and the Marlin website for a Marlin 80 or 80DL manual but neither of them have one. Does anyone here have a complete manual of either the Marlin version or J.C. Higgins version that they might be willing to scan and save as a PDF or know of a current valid source?

BTW, I even still have the marksmanship badges and patches from my time with the Blue Arrow Jr. Rifle Club at Mather A.F.B. near Sacramento, CA

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