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The triggerguard and its challenges

With the top completed, it is now time to turn the attention to the bottom of the action area. All the distances denoted in the drawing reference the top of the stock as the reference point. In my case, it was placed on the surface of the vice, serving as my zero point. If you use it in this manner, you can work with any thickness of stock and achieve the same results.

The hardest thing to do is get the rear action screw and trigger guard escutcheons pockets cut due to the clearance between and the grip area. The solution for myself were two extra long Forstner bits in 3/8" and 5/8". Once those were complete, the rear area behind the trigger screw needed to be curved to allow the guard to seat properly. It may look like the guard is sank too far into the stock. It is that way on purpose, to allow for more sculpting to take place later.

At this point, all the milling for the action has been completed. The attention was turned to the lathe to make the escutcheons from aluminum for the action screws and brass to work with the trigger guard screw.

Here are the completed components, including the new toggle paddle, the escutcheons, and the full length scope rail.

The only thing left involving the action is to get it bedded with either AcraGlas or Devcon. I will do that before I start shaping the rest of the stock.

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