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My first build sits in a hogue overmolded stock, of green. KSA barrel, stock bolt and handle, and a Hornet Black Max Trigger. And it shoots great.

You can build for less if you shop for deals, and wait for them.

You can build for more if you want the best and buy at a premium.

They are all fun. , and easy to do. The custom bolt really doesnít add accuracy, maybe a little better reliability, a Kidd charging handle and an oem bolt work fine.
A bolt buffer isnít necessary, but for $2 it cheap enough. A fancy v block is only necessary if youíve got barrel droop, the $6 utg rail from amazon works fine.
Where you should spend your money is the the trigger. A&50 Bx is fine , a Kidd is the best , Brimstoned Trigger tier 2 groups are really good, I also like the VQ TG 2000 , the hornets are overpriced, but you do get a $30 credit for sending in your stock Trigger.

Equally important is the target cut chamber on the aftermarket barrels, no stingers , but theyíre just fun junk , so no real loss, just shoot velocitors if you want a bigger bang.

Then the ammo, skip the bulk, CCI Sv is the baseline, and up you go SK, Eli, Wolf, etc.

Of course you need to see your target, 24x or more , Fine cross hairs, and AO of course. Lots of choices here, but even the cheapest will work fine. Same with rings.

And a steady platform. A rest is best, but a pia to drag around. I use a bipod, cheap Amazon is fine, sits on a stiff pad, like a boat cushion, or garden knelling pad. And a rear bag, , a bag of sand beans or rice will do, or you can spring for a bunny eared leather one.

And targets, I like the two inch circles sticky and reactive ,

1022 target guns are lots of fun, have a good time.

As for the guy selling the gun, this is how you get the price down,

Ask to see the gun again, ask if it has any upgrades to the trigger .... bolt charginging handle, chamber etc

Touch each part you ask about, if he says no, say , thatís another $100 Look at him and say , Iíd really like to buy this , right now, but I can only give you $250, out the door, cause I need the rest of my money to buy parts.. as your pulling $250 in cash out of you pocket, donít hand him more donít ask for change, and keep on handing him the $250 , heíll take it.

Good luck, and let us know!
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