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Back From IR Nationals

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Got back home about midnight last night. Long weekend but well worth the effort. If any of you gets a chance to go to the nats, by all means, go. It was a virtual who's who of benchrest fimfire. Got to play with the big dogs all weekend. Renegade and I didn't embarass ourselves too badly if you throw out the sporters. Sat. posted the highest scores. In every class it took a 250 to win. In the 10 1/2 17th place was a 249-??x. In the 13 1/2 class 5th place was a 250-??x don't remember the x count but was impressed with the scores. Those are some good numbers.

Sunday was another matter. Some of the worst conditions I have ever shot. Wind was constantly switching directions and velocity. I shot on bench #1 for my last target yesterday. There is a berm tight alongside the range. Thought I would be smart. Studied the conditions for the first 20 minutes of the relay before mine. Sat right behind bench 1 and picked my condition I was going to shoot. Not so smart. I don't think I got to shoot six shots in that condition the whole 30 minutes I was on the line.

I thought I was the only one baffled until I talked to the other shooters. Lots of comments along the lines of: couldn't get a condition to shoot, totally frustrating, couldn't get a handle on the wind, no idea why that shot went where it did, never saw anything like this. Keep in mind, these are comments from the good guys. It sure was a learning experience. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Gary and Kent good luck this weekend in SC. Say hi to everybody for me.

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