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Larry, the good thing is you can always wrap the grip to make it larger...you can't make it smaller. The backstrap is removable with a small and large part that is easily changed out. You can press the pin out and have a look on the inside of the piece to see if it say S or L. There isn't a lot of difference in size.

I've never read of anyone drilling the barrel/stabilizer.

The pistol is really light so there is some felt recoil but nothing like larger cf calibers of course. Nothing that will scare new shooters away or cause flinching. As you probably know even .22 ammo in short barrel pistols is just as loud as 9mm. So, ear and eye protection at all times.

B suffix mags are good and AI is 2008. There are no rear sight options as the sight is attached over a unique small loop. There is nothing else like it. The slide is cast zinc , very thin in places and the firing pin runs immediately below the rear of the top of the slide so forget about dovetails. I have thought long and hard about what can be done and the options are limited. After a good deal of study I finally determined that the steel breech block could be used to fasten a mounting plate solidly to the rear of the slide. Quite a bit of precise drilling, tapping with 3mm machine screws to hold the plate on. I could have mounted a Weaver rail or something else but....the weight has to be kept on the low side.

So, the pistol is more or less what it is. Zinc frame and slide. It works well for what it is. New ones a few months ago were $225 to $250. It is a good training pistol and a good plinker. The 5" model can group five rounds in a 5/8" group at 25M so that is plenty accurate. I've lowered the trigger pull to 2 lbs on several pistols. I've also removed the hammer strut so that the trigger can be have a complete travel distance of about 1/4", fire to reset. There is a lot of history here on the pistol...but, mainly it is what it is. Better pistols are available but the P22 is a fun one with a lifetime warranty. If you port the barrel and stabilizer let us know how it works. I'd suggest shooting it a lot first so you will know if you have made any impact to muzzle lift.

The pistol also comes with three front sight blades of different height. I use #2 most of the time. Always make sure you index the barrel sleeve before tightening the barrel nut. The latest pistols have had the primary hook really lowered. This eliminates creep. I've been doing the same modification for years. The old hooks were pretty tall. There are two and two arms on the sear. The layout of the trigger bar is straightforward in a 1911 sort of manner. DA release is by the trigger bar disengaging from the hammer strut. SA actually uses the sear. Have fun with it....I certainly have. And of course with a thread adapter the pistol is suppressor ready. 1917

Rear sight loop.

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