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I finally got a chance to pull it apart tonight . . . here's my analysis:

Theory of operation: The sear not only interacts with the firing pin, but interacts with the bolt. Pull the trigger and the sear is released, striking the firing pin -- continue to pull the trigger and the sear is lifted up, releasing the bolt.

Diagnosis: First I found quite a bit of really sticky gunk on pivots for both the trigger and the sear. This couldn't help the free movement of these components, so I cleaned them. Second, while the sear was in pristine condition, the trigger had some amount of roughness on the trigger surface that lifts the sear. I imagine the drag couldn't be good, so I polished that particular surface. (Note that I did not touch the engagement surface.) And finally, the springs: The sear spring looked like it had compressed over the years and was allowing the sear to partially release the bolt -- a good tug was all it took to remove the bolt. The trigger spring looked bent and one end looked mangled. I expect the springs are the main problem. I ordered up some new ones from Numrich.


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