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I have a number of .22 LR and .22 WMR sporters in both 54 and 64 actions. My wife and I shoot them a lot.
Iíve also owned CZs in the past. They are very good rifles but not in the same league as Anschutz.
Iíve been shooting rimfire for over half a century and have learned to appreciate a good quality firearm.

The 54 actions normally shoot slightly more accurately for us but not always. Some days the 64 actions can shoot equally well and, at times, can outshoot the 54 actions in side by side comparisons from the bench.
The 54 actions are smoother but they are also heavier than the 64 actions.

Anyone who tells you the 64 actions wonít shoot accurately is either mistaken, canít shoot very well or both.

Each of my three 1416 sporters of various vintages has a different barrel length. They are 22Ē, 23Ē and 24Ē IIRC.
I donít know why Anschutz felt the need to change barrel lengths but the different lengths shoot equally well for us.
Does anyone know why the barrel lengths vary?

I really enjoy shooting my 54 actions off the bench and they would be my first choice for bench shooting.
However, when I hunt with any of my rifles, I always take one of my 1416s out. The lighter weight 64 action is much easier to handle and carry.
In the field when Iím shooting offhand or using packs, tree branches, shooting sticks or my knee(s) for support, there is no real difference in accuracy.

Personally, I would start with a 64 action and later, if you want to upgrade or add to your collection, you can always pick up a 54 action.
Cost is another factor. My 1416s, 141M and 164M cost less than half what I paid for my 1712 and 1720.

My two cents.
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