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That was my first range session with the AR-7. I will experiment with the best way to bench shoot the rifle and see if the groups improve. The way I had to hold it was somewhat make shift, so I'll try resting the barrel nut in the front bag and see what happens on the next range trip.

This is a guess and maybe the member that is a gunsmith at Henry can elaborate, but I'm guessing the the two halves of the stock shell are glued together around the orange core, so I don't think separating them will be easy if possible at all. There is probably not much if any empty spaces in that part of the stock anyway.

Getting the bolt out of the stock is easy. Examine the knob and you will see a tiny roll pin. Rotate the knob so the pin faces up with the stock positioned with the comb down. Tap the roll pin almost all the way out and it will come free of the shaft. The shaft will then fall right out. You can then fill the pistol grip with foam as described in part 3 of the review. After the foam has set up. Use a long thin screwdriver or similar tool to make a hole in the foam and reinstall the through bolt. Align the holes with the aid of a slave pin and gently tap the roll pin back into place.
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