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NS522 reworked

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I bought this rifle over ten years ago for $150. The trigger was gritty creepy and full of over travel and the action was rough and hard. But the gun was accurate with a decent stock so I put a cheap scope on it, in the cheap rings it came with and stuck it in the back of the safe as a loner gun. It acquired some character over the years getting bumped around the safe and lent out to friends and family but is still in good shape. Recently I saw an article about these guns being diamonds in the rough and how they clean up with out much work or special tooling so I decided to start a project. The gun was a little heavier than I like so I sent it out to have the barrel shortened and threaded. In the meantime I stoned and polished the trigger and added a set screw to eliminate over-travel and made a lighter spring. I also polished the bolt and firing pin components. When the gun came back I polished the receiver and action then glass and pillar bedded the rifle in the stock and touched up everything with cold blue. I put Burris signature rings on it and a sightron big sky scope I got on sale for $275 about the same time I got the rifle. Rifle came out fantastic shooting sub-half inch groups all day with SK ammo. Trigger is now crisp clean consistent 1.5#'s and the action is silky smooth. Definitely one of my better purchases, although its not a cooper or anschutz I cant imagine finding a better gun for under the $500 I have into it.
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