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My E-series rifles have two forearm mounting screws. Both the narrow and wide forearms will swap out in my rifles.

Your muzzle thread protector likely is a 1/2-20 thread and should be easy to find an alternative replacement for it. It might not match up perfectly with the barrel contour, but it will protect the threads.

Now, the magazine you probably have is derived from the Pietta/Bingham pps50 magazine. The basic form was used widely for many different rifles in the day. It was one of the only 30 round steel magazines available years ago. It was used in Ruger 10/22 conversions, the Attchinson Ar15 kits, auto ordnance 1927 22LR Thompsons, the Pietta PPS50 rifles....and others. They were easily adapted to different actions with fabricated adapters fastened to the tops of the magazine bodies. I feel that is what you probably have there. It would be interesting to see if the magazine well was modified to accommodate the magazine or not. We will see once you get the rifle on your hands.
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