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Originally Posted by chim View Post
I like seeing the pictures and info on the old Brownings. I posted this picture before but since the topic of grips came up, here it is again. All three of the pistols are dated 1975. It looks like there were at least 3 different vendors used to provide grips. Unless you saw these pistols together the differences may go unnoticed. None appear to have been modified or refinished at all.

I wanted a set of adjustable target grips for a Belgian frame. I would prefer Nill or Rink, but no luck. XL Nills (on other pistols) fit me OK. Nills aren't available, so I managed to get a pair of the largest Rink grips. As a last and somewhat painful resort I carved up one of the factory grips to make it fit better. They feel great and I'm afraid to try to finish them off nicer because it may change the fit. - the grips are ugly.
I agree completely with Chim, the variations in grips on an International are like leaves on an oak tree. And there are no 2 identical. Initially I thought I had a pair of nice grips, but after shooting them for a while I noticed they were not as comftable as I would like them to be. Also they were only for Right hand shooters, and since I also practice with my left hand I was stuck on that point, so I decided not to carv the original grip as Chim did, (mainly because I don't have the skills for it) so I decided to put a more adapted modern Challenger grip on my International, which I found on eBay for around 15 USD.
Have not yet regretted this for a second.

Old grips

New grips

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