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Chim & Cramiekske,

Thanks for the update and information. My "I 75" was the last .22 I obtained for my display as it is the only one I have been able to purchase that could be verified it was sold by BAC. It is mint and I have not taken the grips off and as I said I could not get a dry-fire to engage, Maybe it is just dry. I am heading to a gun show, but upon return I will pull the grips, inspect and respond. Cramieske, It is not a big deal what name is used for the same pistol and I know most of the names. My concern is , it appears many reading the forum tend it mistake some of these names as being different pistols i.e. FN calling the I 75 an International and BCA calling the same pistol an International Medalist. Also, we must remember by 1977 (when these were being sold) FN had purchased 90% of BAC so the names on the barrel addresses could be sold everywhere, so now you will find BAC addresses elswhere than North America. It is quite confusing and sometims I don't want to get into this because it takes a lot of thought and knowledge to figure what has happened. They wanted to sell guns and anything goes, not what the collector wants to hear. Tonight I will post a picture of my "I 75" in the Styrofoam box with sleeve for you to see. I appreciate seeing the plastic FN box. Even though BAC was owned by FN, to my knowledge, BAC never sold the International II made in France., but it was imported by another Company and sold in the US. Thanks again for the input, Mark
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