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Picked up a TZO-17-01 today.

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Well I went to the gun show in Gonzlas, LA. yesterday which turned out to be a wast of time. Prices were marked up so high it wasn't funny.
Well the Cabela's store was on the way home and my son Austin asked to stop buy and look, so we did.
I found out that the guy that ran the gun dept. when they first opened is no longer there and the new guy is trying to clear out all the used guns that the old guy over paid for. They had a bunch of used guns marked down to what were fair prices. Some were marked down $100 or more.Well they had two Russian TOZ-17-01 22 boltion rifles marked down from $199 to $99 they were in pertty good shape but missing the magazines.
Will I passed on the little rifle due to the missing mag. but found out where I can get new magazines for $25. So today when I went to lunch I went back to Cabela's and got one of the rifles. The one I got is all original and the SN# on the bolt matches the rifle. The other rifle looked a little better but the stock had been cut and a rubber recoil pad nicley installed.
I do need to clean it up a little. I think it will go nice with my TOZ 78.

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