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Well, I went the route that Dustoffer suggested and got a Williams ramp front that I can put any height dovetail into.
I was fixated on raising up the factory sharkfin sight before, not sure why going with an aftermarket ramp didn't occur to me.
There was a Williams ramp listed that had "Remington spacing", but it was for long guns like the 870, 700 and 742, spacing was a bit over an inch between holes.
The spacing of the front sight holes on the Nylon is closer to 2 inches.

So I got the other ramp listed, and like Dustoffer, just use the front hole.
It is the real long screw that goes in under the dovetail.
The back one is a real short screw, not needed as the front one holds the sight tight to the barrel, and the barrel contour on the underside of the sight keeps it from shifting.

I put in a .400" tall Williams FireSight and went out to the range.
That height turned out to be almost perfect, but windage was a bit off at 50 yards.
As I already had the Williams GRS peep over a bit, I noticed the front sight would be centered perfectly if I drifted it over 1/16th to the left.

I should have waited until I got home, but attempted to drift it on the tailgate with brass punch and hammer so I could re check zero while at the range.
Of course, the punch slipped and I struck the fiber optic rod and broke the top of the sight. Ordered two new .410" Firesights the next morning.

The real small red FO rod along with the rear peep makes a nice easy to see combo. I'm glad I went with the new ramp instead of trying to boost the factory sight up with a thick spacer.
Here's the ramp used (minus the broken sight blade):
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