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Originally Posted by sandog View Post
I can do O.K. with my 62 year old eyes using the stock sights on the 66, as long as the shooting is fairly close in. Yesterday I was hitting everything I aimed at shooting golf balls and tiny rocks from 10 to 30 yards.
In a quest for a little more distance and precision, I tried using a peep sight that clamps to the scope grooves.
I attempted to use either a Williams peep and a Skinner peep on my MB but realized I was going to need a really tall spacer under the front sight.

I ended up getting some of these Picatinny to 3/8" dovetail adapters so I could mount one of my spare Burris Fastfires on the Nylon.
You turn your dot sight over, slip one of these adapters in the sight's clamp, then put the sight on your .22's scope grooves.
As you tighten the screw knob on the sight, it tightens the spring loaded adapter down in your rifles grooves. Pretty slick, light weight, and keeps the dot nice and low.

Due to the 66's rounded profile between the grooves, I did have to take a round file and make a concave trench in the bottom of the adapter so it would sit all the way down on the receiver.
No biggie, just took maybe 5 minutes to make the rounded bottom in the aluminum adapter.

Now I have a sight that's quick to acquire, great in low light, and all the windage and elevation adjustment you'd ever need.
No more having to focus on a front and rear sight that aren't exactly in sharp focus anymore.

Now THAT .. is just slick !!
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