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Dick Monntanye Memorial Conventional Prone NRA Regional Match

Brian, northern NY
Anschutz 1907/1918 Precise, Weaver T-16, Lapua Center-X

I shot a 200-12X on the 50 yard target of the Dewar match, but could not include it here as it was not part of the "two consecutive A-23 targets" rule as specified in the instructions. My dropped shots were forgetting trigger control, once again. I was hoping to pick up 10 points over my effort at last year's match, but I picked up 3 points instead. Looking forward to receiving my "expert" classification card in the mail. 1578/1600 with 79X's for 10th overall.

There were 14 shooters for the any sight portion of this match and I overheard several comments about how happy folks were with the turnout. The winner shot 1600/129X and runner up shot 1599/113X. Conditions were close to perfect, with the exception of one of the 100 yard stages, where a bit of wind picked up.
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