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Originally Posted by Al the Infidel View Post
I strongly disapprove a business that says call for pricing on every single item for sale. Do ya get a better price pleading poverty on the phone?

Hey Al, how much to paint my house? What do you mean you need to see it first? I am poor and want a good price!

Since I already had the pictures, I'll attest that Alex Sitman is very reasonable.

This Stith stock was cut for an Anschutz square action that shot average at best and I bought a Kenyon 1913 that I wanted mated to the stock. I used a square adapter for a while but it looked like crap. I went with Alex because Don does not have an FFL to receive the gun.

Alex put in a walnut block to fill the square part (hard to see it blends so well but look closely), cut pillars, installed a lug, bedded it to the action, and filled the old holes with walnut. Not your normal bedding job. It was about $400...Tom

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