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I have two of the Morgans, the 'hooked' Rifleman pad for sure and certain puts your shoulder into the same place every shot. The flat 'shotgun' pad is suitable for rifle or shotgun and not at all shotgun specific. Nice thing is that they quickly swap out on the back for different purposes. I bought both off gun show tables for well less than retail. The initial mount plate fits up to the stock and is pretty easily marked and files/sanded (easier to deal with than a typical buttpad) and I like 'em.
Also have a Rem 40X type that I bought off e-bay some years back nib for about $40. It was troublesome to mount as it requires a deep hole drilled straight in for the length adj. tube and it takes up a lot of back end. I needed that for a Martini International stock that had been well shortened long ago.

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