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Originally Posted by truckjohn View Post
I read an article talking about how quite a few 22 pistols used 14" twist barrels. It was apparently a common thing - for example Clark used 14" twist standard on their 22 match barrels. That would make it all make sense.... a 14" long blank would give somebody two finished 6" barrels or the ability to do any length out to 13" and still have plenty of meat to cut off the bad parts at the ends. The diameter would allow plenty of meat to match a factory barrel on a revolver or semi-auto.. Either a rectangle profile or round/tapered and have room for barrel sights

Edit to add - I just checked my Marlin and it's 14" twist - not the commonly quoted 16" twist. That's probably why it stabilizes Aquila SSS just fine. So it could well be somebody's factory standard barrel blanks that somebody cut down for pistol use...

The thing is - there's no way to tell who made them unless they have some factory markings on them. I would call Numrich and see if they have any records they can share about where they came from and when.... But they may not be able to share that for legal reasons.... Often as not - stuff like that gets all it's markings removed as part of the process of converting it to an aftermarket/surplus.
Thanks truckjohn. I think I have concluded that these were probably TC Contender blanks intended to be finished by a smith. I agree that it is a long shot on the MFG, but figured I would ask.
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