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I'm not upset with MGM for making me a 1:20 twist barrel. I didn't think it would stabilize a heavy bullet when I bought it. They kept saying they believed it would. I bought it "eyes wide open" to see for my self. It shoots great with bullets up to 158g and is more than adequate for deer hunting. I could have insisted on them using a 1:16 twist, but I wanted to see what they were talking about. I kind of knew better, but I like to load and shoot groups. It's a find deer gun as is. I just received another barrel from them, a .223 Rem, which they had to order for me in a 1:9 twist because I again wanted to shoot some heavier bullets. I waited for this one because I didn't want to play around with it trying to get it to shoot 55-69 grain bullets when I knew it probably wouldn't with a 1:12 twist. They make nice barrels, but know what you want before you order one.
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