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Originally Posted by 'ol shooter View Post
I honestly don't know what the twist in my MGM Max barrel is offhand, but it shoots good. I think the "expert" you refer to is likely Mike Bellm, who is the premier gunsmith on all things T/C single shots and is very much involved with MGM.
I've spoken to Mike Bellm several times and he doesn't advocate 1:20 twist barrels. My personal opinion is that MGM got a great deal on barrels with that twist and promoted them as being acceptable for use. They put a chamber in barrels they buy, they don't produce the barrel itself. Now that their stash of 1:20 are gone they suddenly have a lot of 1:16 to sell. This only adds to my long time belief that most shooter/owners of these types of guns have a different expectation on what constitutes good accuracy. Also, most shooters of the max are using lighter bullets to begin with and simply give up on using heavier bullets when they find a load they like. It's usually a 158g or lighter bullet and they stop right there. Very, very few shooters really appreciate barrel twist and how it effects accuracy.
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