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Originally Posted by timberbeast View Post
It seems like you want the Ruger, and they are a classic rifle, to be sure. But older Rugers have variable barrel quality, as Ruger used several sources for barrels. Triggers are upgradable, which is important, as M77 triggers are safe and reliable, but not necessarily conducive to accuracy.

Both calibers are very capable, the 7x57 will, with custom loads, be able to take larger game. The 257 Roberts, like all "quarter bores" is lethal on light-skinned game like deer.

Both calibers have limited factory ammo choices, so reloading might be necessary to get better than MoA accuracy, if that's a goal.
I agree.
New Rugers have a better reputation for accuracy.
Between those two calibers I would go with the 257 Roberts.
Having no restrictions, I would certainly pick a more popular caliber.
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