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CCI SV works very well in my 41. It is certainly good enough for 6" plate work at 50 yards with very little problems. Does seem to function very well, seems to keep the pistol cleaner (read "function") for extended use at the range. That's my experience. However, I have shot my best groups at 25 yards with SK+. The downside using SK+ is a very simple fact.... the pistol gets dirty much quicker than it does with CCI SV, and for all the "thrifty folks" out there, the CCI SV is much less expensive. No doubt, the SK+ is much nastier stuff than the CCI SV. Yep, I'll keep using the CCI SV as long as it is available. Not a problem. Love my M41 and like to keep it happy. Even if CCI SV wasn't recommended for the 41, it should be. ...... AH
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