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Originally Posted by Kiteman72 View Post
Alrighty, I picked up a Garden Gun at the gun show yesterday and was able to run a couple dozen rounds thru it. First impressions are favorable, with slick feeding and extraction. I am very happy to finally have a smoothbore repeater.
It's not gonna knock your socks off unless you really want to kill small stuff at close range. Then you should be suitably pleased. I patterned it on a "splatter" target and the shot lost a lot of oomph after about 10 paces.
Originally Posted by Kiteman72 View Post
Hey, Tailwheel! I only tried Winchester crimped end ammo actually. I have some of that and some Federal crimped. The Winchester shot great.

I'm not going to try the CCI and I'll tell you why.
I've had those blue caps break when working them thru a lever action (either a Win 9422 or Browning BL-22 I can't remember) and dealing with the aftermath of that was a real pain. With my luck, I would jam up my new Henry in no time.

I have also had the blue cap not break when shot thru my Savage smoothbore and I ended up with a hole in my shed. Combine these factors with the higher price of the CCI and sticking with the crimped end shells is a no-brainer.
I meant federal crimped! Thanks so much. Yes, I agree, i don't use those CCI's either because they are so fragile. At least the ones i've tried are and i did exactly what you talk about in my 9422.


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