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shade tree gunsmithing-- spring style

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I got this pair a couple weeks ago for $125.

The little one is a Winchester Model 1904 (a "boys rifle" ) that had some serious problems. The biggest external problem is that the DPO had attacked it with 150 grit sandpaper and sanded all the bluing off down to the white. In addition to being hideously done, it was already beginning to rust. Since it was already ruined , I took small stips of 400 grit paper and after having removed the action, smoothed out the coarse grain sanding. I degreased it and put about 5 coats of cold blue. followed by light steel wool and oil. I found a bolt sleeve that I probably didn't need, took every piece off, cleaned and greased and it works fine now. Bore is ok (I can see rifling) and it goes bang. You can see he also "fixed" the buttplate with the same sandpaper, but I've not reblued it yet

The tube fed job is a High Standard Sport King Special (aka " a Gill Gun" for the vertical rib gills on the non bolt handle side of the receiver...they're kind of visible in this crummy photo) , from about 1965. Not sure what if anything was wrong with this ( complaint was "it cocks but doesn't fire a round") other than at had never been cleaned in the past 60 yrs. Some quality time with it and my copy of "Firearms Assembly / disassembly Part III Rimfire rifles" got it working again and it fired and ejected even with 22 shorts. Much goop and crud was removed.

Not a bad afternoon's work . It's always zen-like to mess with old guns on a unhurried quiet afternoon.
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