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If you actually want a shot at making some money - not just tinkering and doing fun stuff....

Pick one or two popular 22 models. Say a Marlin Model 60 and a Ruger 10/22.

Buy broken/non-functioning guns CHEAP. Clean them and and swap parts to get them running - but do no more than that other than buying the occasional inexpensive part (like common springs that always break)... Sell them at current market prices. Become intimately familiar with them and their market.

Part out the stuff that's left over - those guns are fairly common and somebody will want the oddball parts for their project. Only buy parts occasionally. So for example - you may need to buy some Model 60 ejector springs.. Ok - they are cheap.. but don't spend $80 for a replacement stock for a gun that will sell $125.00

Avoid the urge to refinish the wood and reblue or refinish the metal. That stuff costs a lot, takes a lot of time, and generally doesn't really increase the value.

Don't get into weird stuff like Daisy or Hamilton 22's. Don't get into oddball foreign stuff. You can't get parts for them and when you can they cost a fortune. They don't really sell anyway - so you could easily drop $200 in parts on a gun that will eventually sell for $150.
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