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Ya that
You NEED the prem Tech Sights.
So then you dont need the handguard with the oem barrel mounted open sight cut-out, and, to be sure, you are paying for it in the kit with two.
Fwiw, I made my sorta-M1 Carbine/LTR version with the oem stock, T-Sights, some action upgrades (or 'indulgences' , it worked fine as was...) and am working on a handguard of some sort. Just got a coupler to fit two BX-10 std mags together (so I had to buy two more mags, too). With a little 'stand-off effect' it is M1'ish enough for me so that 'kit' money went to other stuff.
Now if you gotta have a better looking one than mine that kit might be your ticket
In reflection, what with buying a used, late 90's 10/22, and all the bits to make mine on the 'cheap' (lol, a cheap 10/22?) I would have been better off to have bought the (was it?) TALO version ready to rock.
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