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Originally Posted by Traveling Fisher View Post
I agree. My 17 hmr a are nowhere near as dirty and can clean up quickly. Waiting on a 17 Hornet which I predict will be as clean as the hmr with the range and power of the wsm. Maybe more[emoji1]

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If you get your 17 Hornet l think you will be pleasantly surprised. I bought and used mine while the 17 wsm caliber was suffering through the first B-mags that hit the market. The 17 Hornet ammo was hard to come buy and pretty pricey. I donít reload and the volume of shells l was going through in the PD fields made me go back to the HMR. I then purchased a Volquartsen in 17 wsm and found l no longer even shot my 17 Hornet and sold it. Not saying l didnít like the 17 Hornet, but for my use and pocketbook the the 17 wsm filled that void perfectly.

Just my 2 cents.
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