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Originally Posted by Ladykiller View Post
The bolts are different lengths for 22 LR and 22 WMR. If the bolt was the same length as a normal 22 LR bolt, I'd check to see if it had been milled to add a tungsten weight to be used for the 17 HM2.
I got back with the guy with the bolts and he said it was a 22 magnum bolt that was given to him. It was originally a double extractor bolt that broke on the outside extractor -- The inside one was in perfect condition. Seems he thought about using it in a regular 10/22 receiver so he cut the front off at the rear of the charging handle groove and brazed on the front of a regular 10/22 bolt. He said the normal extractor fits fine but he said he had to use a modified magnum firing pin. He said he didn't have the time to try it out with anything and it's been sitting around for quit a few years. I wonder if he was going to try it with the 17 Mach2? Next time I see him I'll ask.
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