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Originally Posted by argonator View Post
I have two bx-25 magazines from 2012 with less than 500 rounds cycled through each. I just don't get much shooting lately. The stock 10 round works with mine. I just did the shell mod like page 1 did. I figured it's not a permanent thing, so it is worth a try. Seems to me to make mechanical sense what is being attempted.

I emailed Ruger today to see if they will honor a customer service issue.
I will let you know what the response is.

I swear that I have paid attention to cleaning and one drop of 3-in-1 oil on the spring.

I did not polish the metal lips yet, I want to see if the shell just does the trick. Then I wil pretty it up with polishing.

I did get a response back from Ruger within 3 business days. They are going to send me 2 range tested bx-25 magazine. If it doesn't work, they want me to send in the rifle. They told me to keep the misbehaving ones. So this might be a plus if I can get the originals to work.

They did ask for the serial number of my gun which leads me to believe that they are checking their lot numbers of rifle QA against the magazine failures. That is what I would do if I was on the other other end. I bet they know which rifles had problems.
However my rifle, with a few mods does work with the stock 10 round and the Butler Creek 25 round magazine,

Well, time to go out and test the temp fix on the "bad" magazines with the shell mod this weekend while waiting for the replacements.
Plinking video requests anyone?

Now that is world class, no b.s. support by an empowered employee. It would cost more in time and energy to argue over a $50 set of magazines.
My faith in the American way of doing business and having to email a company that can understand English is saved. I loathe dealing with overseas and Ebay hucksters. It''s what I would have done if it was my service ticket plopped on my desk.

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