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I had the pleasure of attending a pistol event a couple of weeks ago and I was very impressed with the quality of instruction as well as the COF. It was challenging but also very attainable if you practice what they preach. My son and I both were able to earn our Pistoleer patch before the day was up. He was a double qualifier with a borrowed SW Victory and I triple qualed, twice with my Sig P320 X-carry in 9mm, sporting a Sig Romeo 1 red dot, and once with the borrowed Victory. We both owe our patches to the great instruction we received that day!!

My favorite part of the event was the final "Redcoat target". The first one of the day was nothing to brag about by any means, I think I dropped 5 out of 13 shots. I entered the event thinking I was a pretty good shot with a pistol. Much like my first rilfe event, I was humbled pretty quickly. However, the quality of the instruction came through and I was able to clean the final "Redcoat Target"!! It was the first time in my Appleseed career that I've cleaned a "Redcoat target", needless to say, I was pumped!!

This was a single day event and we did lots of dry fire drills, which helped keep ammo costs down. I also handload, so I didn't have to sell my firstborn to be able to shoot 9mm, lol.

All in all, it was a great event and I look forward to attending many more and hopefully being able to instruct a few at some point.

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