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Greetings all, itís been a while and we are still in lock-down, the wheels of officialdom turn slowly over here, but finally, Brno has a new home.

Itís a 1958 Brno Model 5 De Lux. I threw on a Tasco scope for the pic, just about fitted with the rear sights removed.

After 63 years of use it needs a total refurb, the stock has lots of dings/scratches, blueing is well worn in places and the action has three small areas of rust/pits which require attention. Rifle functions perfectly and the breech/bore & crown are spotless.

So the work begins , Iíll post a few picks when finished. Giz

1968 Brno M5 - 1.jpg

1968 Brno M5 - 2.jpg

1958 Brno M5 - 3.jpg
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