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Originally Posted by PisgahProject View Post
Congrats! What did you enjoy the most? The least? Anything, in particular, you plan on doing for the next one if you attend one? No

Sadly the small supply of 22 I have had in reserves has made it into my training the past two years and is getting up to what the normal calibers cost if you're lucky.
As an old guy, I like not having to spend the day going from standing to prone, as what happens with a rifle clinic.

If I was going to run the pistol seed again, I would want to spend a little more time with my carry gun. As with all seeds, the .22 is much more affordable. 9mm is not only $$ but it's hard to find. After I qualified, I only ran 1 PQT with the Glock 19 and I scored a 164. I am sure that I could have qualified if I had ran a few more rounds, but that was more of an investment I was willing to commit. The person next to me on the line ran the entire weekend with a Glock 17, that was an investment of ammo!

Overall, it's always about getting better and I always learn something when I go to a seed.
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