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I was able to attend a Pistolseed this past weekend. Great fun, and as per all Appleseed events, excellent event and training.

Course of fire is challenging, setup at 7 yards.

Round 1: Largest target, 10 rounds, 15 seconds with magazine change
Round 2: 2 targets alternating 2 rounds per target for a total of 10 rounds with magazine change, 15 Seconds
Round 3: Left hand only, 5 rounds in 15 seconds
Round 4: Right hand only, 5 rounds in 15 seconds
Round 5: 4 small targets, 2,2,3,3(same as rifle) with a 2 minute time limit and double points.

.22 pistols were the norm, equal representation from Ruger, Smith, and Browning.

I burned through over 500 rounds in 2 days, which is going a bit painful to replace...

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