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Originally Posted by acorneau View Post
There aren't really any "good" options for Silhouette on the market right now and definitely not in your budget range.

How much magnification do you want/need? The Weaver V-16 and V-24 scopes both have good glass, excellent elevation/windage mechanics, and spot-on AO. But each has a few negatives that make neither perfect for Silhouette...

V-16 has 1/4 MOA adjustments (good for what we do) but the reticle choices aren't the best for Silhouette.

V-24 has 1/8 MOA adjustments (more than one revolution on the way up to Rams) but their "Varminter" fine-duplex reticle is a decent option for Silhouette.

That being said, I have a V-16 that I had sent in to Weaver some years back and had them put in the Varminter reticle so I could get the best of both worlds, albeit at 16X max magnification.

I now shoot at 24X to 30X on my rifles so the scope sits idle. I would be willing to sell it to you for under the $350 budget. Send me a PM/email if you're interested and we can work it out.

I know this is an old thread butr when you refer to the Weaver V-16 and V-24 scopes, is that the same as the Weaver Classic V-Series scopes?
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