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BRNO M5 Project

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Greetings members, I hope you’re all keeping well.

Still in lock-down here, no range time but I did manage to acquired an old 58 Brno 5 De Lux and doing some research while awaiting my license approval (fingers crossed).

Not afraid to tackle the task as it will not be a safe queen/or sold but handed down. The rifle needs a full refurbish especially the stock which was badly done many years ago.

I have read numerous posts here and believe I know the various steps involved however, any further info/guidance is always desirable. I really like the honey/straw colouring on old Brno’s (in stark contrast to my Match 54) and would like to achieve same/similar result.

Plan of action is to strip down to bare wood, steam out any dings/scratches and finish by dry/wet sanding to seal up the pores.

Do I need a stain/colour/tint to achieve the old factory honey/straw colouring or is this colouring from age and years of handing?

What is the best product (Tung Oil/Danish Oil, etc.) to apply to get this honey/straw colouring?

Finally, what modern CZ hex type stock bolts will fit the model 5.

Many thanks, keep safe.

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