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Weaver 40/44 Series 6.5-20X44 for Silhouette?

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I am just getting into Silhouette and I am trying to get good quality equipment on a budget. I have a CZ452 Lux with a Leupold 3x9 scope. I want to upgrade my scope but most of the good options I have seen suggested are $350 + if you can find a bargain and much more than that if you pay retail.

I just saw the Weaver 40/44 Series 6.5-20X44 at around $200 and it looks pretty good. What is the consensus judgement?

My main concern as a beginner is dealing with the adjustments of the crosshairs for the various ranges. My Leupold does not have target turrets and the "coin" adjustment marks are limited. The Weaver looks to have a more friendly turret. Obviously repeatability is an absolute requirement. How does the Weaver perform?


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