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Looks like it will work ok. necessity is the mother of invention.

I have an old Feinwerkbau 124 sporter that probably had not been shot in that long. My son brought my 9 year old grandson over Thanksgiving and he was wanting to shoot, so I thought to bring it out, but the piston seal had broken so I had to send it off for repair. I just got it back last week, put my scope back on and was outside this afternoon at about 25 yards, shot one hole in an old box, then zeroed subsequent shots to that one. When I finished I shot a little 5 shot one hole group, not bad for an old man.

Not having the air gun we carried the grandson to my rifle range , about 50 miles away, and he had a blast, went through well over a brick of 22LR over two days shooting my Ruger 77 22 , and trying several others including some handguns, Centerfire up to 6.5 Grendel in rifles and one shot with my 9mm Sig P365, and a couple of cylinders of 38 in a S&W K38.

Back to my afternoon with the air rifle, It is a spring air type, barrel cocker and honestly after about 20-30 shots my arm was getting a little tired and sore from cocking. My wife said why don't you keep shooting and I commented I need to do some every day to get some strength back for cocking, especially when the grandson comes.
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