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I bought my MKII used and I'm sure it had never been taken apart and cleaned. The trigger pull was very inconsistent and it had a lot of pre-creep.

The hammer bushing and sear were excessively worn due to grit getting in/around them thru many thousands of rounds fired. After installing a new VQ sear and Clark bushing, the pistol runs like brand new.

Even though I can agree that a complete tear down is seldom needed, I think it's prudent to do so occasionally. It gives you the chance to evaluate how worn out parts are getting and replace whatever is needed before failures start to occur.

I replace the FP return spring and extractor every 10k rounds, because I find failures to fire or extract unacceptable. Periodic disassembly and cleaning of the mags also keeps failures to feed at bay - even with the old, original springs.
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