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Rossi Gallery .22

I picked mine up today, the model with the black polymer furniture and fiber optic sights. The shop I ordered it thru also has a range so I went straight to the lanes and started shooting it right out of the box, no lube or ‘manual break in’.

Ran 50 rounds of AR Tactical and 50 CCI std. velocity. Only shot out to 15 yards but accuracy seems to be as good as my Ruger American.

Action loosened up with use and a cleaning & lube also helped. The hammer seems to need a lot of force to cock, just cycling the slide with the hammer already cocked was pretty easy. Trigger is pretty heavy too but seems to have a decent & predictable break.

Fiber optic sights are great, easy to use & adjust. All plastic, so we’ll see how they hold up.

Receiver finish is just black paint & Phillips screws, so if you want a pretty rifle, buy a Henry. But a Henry pump today is about twice what I paid for mine ($270).
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