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Originally Posted by kevin1 View Post
I see what you mean. I shot this target yesterday. It was a little windy.
If I just keep the first 5 five shot groups, the rifle is shooting an average of 0.280"
But then for some reason it opens up and throws two successive groups of around 0.5" each that brings the overall average to 0.351"
Very good, Kevin. Many rifles can have accuracy, but it is consistency in which they fall short. Far too many people will look at the tightest groups and assume that the rifle will be capable of that every single time "if they do their part", yet, you could put the rifle in a mechanically perfect machine rest and it'll still exhibit this behavior. C'est la rimfire. Each rifle will be different in how many shots it can go before it "acts up". Some do it every group (the infamous four in one hole plus a flier), others every other group or so, and better examples can go 5 or more groups. Some settle back down quickly, others take a group or two to shake the cobwebs off.

When you shoot enough rounds through many rifles, these patterns become apparent. One of mine very often shoots the best group of a set, then puts two in one hole, flips one high, drops the next low, and the last usually bites the edge of the first two, then the following group is usually very tight again. It's not the ammo, it's not "shooter error", it's quirky rimfire behavior. I've only seen one insight into why this occurs. When I get a chance I'll PM you with further information as I don't want to carry on with "irrelevant" discussion to the 1710HB lest I offend some cantankerous member(s)
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