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Your Mark 1

You have an interesting Mark 1 5&1/4" there. There were 3 hand built prototype Mark 1's built between July 1, 1952 - Nov. 9, 1952. Yours by serial number falls into the 1st block of 5&1/4's produced. #27605 March 12, 1953 to #29890 August 1953. They were tapered ear, two piece bolt. They called them spin-riveted, the ears to the bolt shaft. I can't tell if the bolt is correct from your pics. However the serial number is within that first block of 5&1/4 Mark 1's built in 1953. It's a nice piece.

One of the 3 prototype's is in the NRA collection the other 2 are in private collections. Hope that sheds a little light.
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