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Originally Posted by DUCKDIGGLER View Post
Thank you all for some great input this far!

Squirrel1…..with the NF NXS compact…..do you find yourself wishing for slightly more magnification on the top end? How do you find it’s optical quality in the dark woods? Is there a feature you wish it had? If pressed would you pick a SFP or a FFP scope for a 17M2 squirrel gun? Thank you.

All, of the options mentioned, what models stand out for optical performance? Light transmission and clarity are paramount to me. I’m not getting any younger!

Thanks everyone and please keep it coming! DD
The Nightforce I have has ihr reticle. It has been discontinued. The moar reticle is still a available with compact NXS. It has slightly less subtension than ihr. Ihr has .18 moa at 10x. Moar has .16 moa at 10x. So moar reticle should aid with longer shots vs one with ihr reticle.

Imo if shots are inside 91 yards compact NXS with moar reticle will do fine for hunting squirrels.
You can body shot squirrels out to 120 yards. Doable definitely.
The moar reticle is going to give you some good wind hold via reticle too.

Now would more mag help at times. Yep.
But the compact models are not so parallax sensitive. Due to shortness of scope I think.
Higher mag and longer scope is going to be more parallax sensitive to distances shooting vs where’ parallax is set.

First focal plane scope.
Leaves on for squirrels the Nightforce compact I have is better choice.
Leaves off. I think FFP nexus I have will be better choice. With a caveat though.
Target acquisition time will be still slower vs my Nightforce. So squirrels jumping around say onnthe ground at 60 yards, my Nightforce I can get on faster. For a sitting squirrel perched eating. FFP scope I have will do nicely. And if shooting at 100 yards plus definitely will be better than my Nightforce.

So for squirrel hunting purposes.
Each has advantage depending on scenario.

Wind hold using reticle is a big bonus imo. Dialing can be done, but what can happen is another say squirrel appears at closer range or even at a longer range. And you have dialed your turrent. And you are shooting different direction or wind value is different. FFP scope I have. Moa is always the same no matter what magnification I am using. Same goes for elevation should I used for holdover at both longer shots and real close shots.

Be careful if you decide to go FFP scope route. Reticles can be unuseable at lower mag on some models. Why the element is designed a 5-20. Instead of a say 6x24.
Reticle suntension can be too thin at lower mag. And be too thick at higher mag.
My FFP scope is very useable from 6-20x.

Now scope height will be driven by size of scope objective. Cheek weld can be problematic if scope is too tall depending on your stockmsetup.
Also scope height will drive how your gun shoots at closer ranges with direct holds on squirrels and targets when zeroed.
A 50 mm objective needs to be close to barrel imo. A 56mm scope bad idea for rimfire being used on squirrels.
A 42 or 44 mm can be placed lower and is easier to manage for closemshots ot longer shots.
My Nightforce was definitely bright enough. I used it loads last 2 winters inmdsr woods on cloudy days with sun angle weak in the sky.
Parallax imo needs to be able to be adjusted down to at least 25 yards.

Basically boils down to what you want to do with your hm2.
FFP is more universal albeit it has weaknesses vs second focal plane.

Imo a scope that has reticle subtension of .14-.16 moa at 16 x mag would be good choice for good shooting hm2.
You get smaller than .14 moa reticle Ben hard to see in woods.

I wouldn’t buy a nice scope without it.
Nigjtforce lighting on compact NXS is nice. Very adjustable. And once set one push of button is all that is needed. I Like it a lot.

FFP scope. Definitely get illumination if you got his route. You’ll HATE yourself if you don’t.

Real busy reticles imo for squirrel hunting a no no.
Might be ok for field work. Shooting pest off of silos etc.
Now having some references on reticle is alright.

As far as compact model scopes goes. The NXS 2.5x10 is tops imo. It is not light scope for its size. Around 20.5 oz.
A 12x mag variable scope on high end of mag with right subtension reticle will get one out there. Like a .16 moa.

Adjustable exposed turrents come in handy. If one is shooting 90 plus yards with hm2.

For hm2. All things considered. The element Nexus is top choice. For price, weight, being FFP, reticle size as mag changes, illumination, level of magnification available. You don’t need need 24x magnification with hm2 for hunting.

Other choices for second focal plane scopes. You know the drill. You’ll get what you pay for. 15x scope good choice with right sized reticle. Some of the Zeiss would work. I looked st some specs reticle wise yesterday on them.

Lot to consider. I know you want to make right purchase. Don’t blame you.

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