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Ok before everyone jumps on me I know it should be ~10 from muzzle, but I shoot from my porch and did not have a tripod. So, I originally set the chrony up close to the target and recorded a bunch of readings. I was continuing this with the plan to move it closer to muzzle for BC calculation. Got a tripod for $2 at a flea market last week, and had 4 more brands to record at distance before starting to measure MV.

This started with scoped rifles so it was pretty easy to put the bullet where expected, but then I got an old Winchester 69a with iron sights. Though this gun is accurate, different ammo needs the elevation adjusted differently. Again, it's pretty easy to put rounds where they need to be, just have to be a little more careful.

But today I messed up. I shot five sighting rounds - 4 were inside 2", one was 4" low and I decided it was a fluke. Second shot over the crony went -through- the chrony. Turns out the first 4 shots were the fluke. Almost every round after was very low. Adjusted one notch up and was right on... Guess I got too impatient.

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